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Committed by nature

We want to continue to be a sustainable company committed to a responsible business

Reducing our plastic consumption

We have launched the first BORGES bottle with recycled plastic (rPET), which is 20% lighter and enables us to reduce our plastic consumption by 200 tons per year.

↓ Annual tons


use of recycled plastic





We certify our estates with GLOBAL GAP

Committed to ensure sustainable, responsible agriculture and correct use of water, we certify our plantations of walnust, pistachios and almonds with Global GAP good farming practice standards and adhere to the EsAgua platform.

ha. certified

We use certified renewable energy

From 2020 the electric energy contracted in the main production centers of our group is 100% renewable in origin.


renewable energy in the Group

tons of CO₂ prevented

We calculate our CO₂ emissions

With the Business and Climate Foundation, we have calculated the emissions generated by our main production plants to be able to make improvements and optimise the processes with the highest environmental impact.

We have a highly efficient cogeneration plant

It’s reputed to be one of the most efficient in the land and it generates electricity and heat in the same process. We also use the combustion gases generated in the boiler during the cogeneration process, preventing its release into the atmosphere.

We contribute to the EU CO₂ emission reduction targets

We contribute to the circular economy with single dose packages

Borges and Capricho Andaluz single dose jars are certified by ECOSENSE. They are 95% manufactured with recycled materials, guaranteeing the circular economy.

millions of single doses per year


recycled materials

We are committed to a sustainable investment

We have formalized a sustainable loan whose conditions are linked to the evolution of the environmental impact in our industrial production, thus incorporating ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) sustainability criteria into the financial structure of the group.

We work to make use of our by-products

We reuse our by-products for biomass consumption and animal feed.

Tons of seed flour for animal feed

Tons of almond shells for biomass

Tons of olive pits for biomass

Tons of almond skin for animal feed

We are committed to a healthy working environment

We have stopped using plastic glasses and bags in our main production plants and we encourage our staff to get exercise and do healthy activities.

↓ glasses per year

↓ tons of plastic

Smoke-free company

We encourage biodiversity on our estates

We collaborate with the Global Nature Foundation to improve biodiversity on our estates.


  • We introduce natural pollinators*
  • We devote 138 hectares to environmental measures
  • Biodiversity Action Plan on the Finca Mas de Colom
* Up to 60,000 honeybees released during the almond tree pollination process

We offer a healthy alternative to saturated fats

Healthy & Green Solid Oil 4.0 helps to encourage healthy eating, providing an alternative to palm oil, dairy fats, hydrogenates and animal fats.

We are committed to organic and healthy products

The ECO NATURA range offers only basic products of the Mediterranean diet, which comply with the standards of organic farming and which are produced and distributed in a sustainable way.